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Do you desire to make an impact with your business while living life in flow? Do you want to set goals and actually reach them?

I believe that business and life go hand in hand

A successful business means a successful life and a successful life means a successful business. Challenges in your life influence your business and challenges in business influence your life. The foundation is always within yourself. And because the change is within you, this will also be our main focus. YOU.

Often, your business and your life aren’t in tune with each other:

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You find yourself working at hours that you shouldn’t be working. You find yourself awake at hours you shouldn’t be awake. You find yourself texting your friends that you ‘’can’t make it tonight’’ but in reality, you are stressed out by work. You say that you do business inflow, but in the end, you are grinding and making more hours than that 14-year-old neighbour kid on Call of Duty. Still, you aren't seeing the financial abundance you are seeking. You know this isn't sustainable, but changing that gets always pushed back as you 'just need to finish this one thing' before.

Or you made promises to yourself. To eat more healthy. To do more sports. But in the end, there is nobody that holds you accountable for your actions. And you slip right back into your bad eating habits. Or you ‘’forget’’ to hit up the gym for a week, because you are too busy with this ‘’one thing’’.

All that is normal. It is hard to be disciplined. It is hard to take the time off when you need to. It is hard to prioritize not only your business, but also your life.

But there is another reality. A reality where you conduct business inflow. Leads are coming your way, they get followed up automatically by your CRM. A reality where you go to the gym and you know you can tune off, while your payments are coming in. A reality where you do your workout consistently, without feeling left behind on work. And not because I say you do. But because you do want it. You want to become one of the 3 % of people that make it in life. You want to be the one paying whatever you desire without noticing you spent any money at all cause your bank account is full. You want to go on all the travels you want and stay in the places that look and feel amazing, rather than choosing the one 'you can afford'. You want to be the one free from society to follow your path, no matter what others think.

And you are laying your own groundwork. With a little help.

That’s why I became a coach;

To lead people to successful businesses and fulfilling lives.

Long-term Growth

A lot of coaching is based on learning a couple of tricks that help you further. That can help you grow for one month or two months. But after that, the coaching is done and you stagnate.

I focus on long-term growth and sustainability. With my help, we will create lasting structures that help you and your company thrive. And not only your company. Also your personal life.  In a sustainable way. No short term fast results. But fast long-term, ever-lasting change that you can use for life.

No one-fits-all Solutions

During our coaching program, we focus on you. I don’t have one-fits-all coaching, but a fully individual coaching program, based on your needs.

Focussing on your challenges. Focussing on your growth. Based on proven principles and methods learned and implemented through years of experience and training.

I will kick your ass if needed

You will use your skills in combination with a great fully individualized plan to maximize your results. You will learn to scale your business with efficient time management.

Besides that, I will hold you accountable and push you to find your limits. I don’t believe in comfort. I believe in growth by feeling uncomfortable.

Isn't it actually more comfortable to feel like you are fully alive and doing what you feel called to do in ways that feel good, rather than living a meaningless life, chasing short term dopamine hits?

That is why I will hold you accountable. When you fuck up, I will let you know. Because only in radical truth we can grow.

A plan suited to your needs

Transformation is different for everyone. That is why we will make a personalized plan, for you. In this plan you can find things like:

Ice Baths.
Consistent sports.
Prioritizing a good life over working 24/7.

Asking the right price for your offers and whatever else we decide together is right for you.

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Setting hard goals. Following up on these goals with me and yourself. During our coaching, I will hold you accountable. And tell you when you are not living upon these goals. And support you in recalibrating to the structures that support you deeply.
Stoicism to keep going. Even if you feel that the whole world is against you. Or if you feel that you can’t do it anymore.
Working smarter rather than working harder
Working on your body because your body and your soul are connected. When they are not aligned, you will burn out.
Believe. I will believe in you. Even if you don’t always believe in yourself. I will help you shift back and guide you towards clarity which ultimately nurtures confidence.

Together we will create the foundation for a stress-free business and a fulfilling life. I believe in working smarter, not harder. Therefore, we focus on more than just coaching. Using these foundations there can be no other outcome than for you to thrive and grow - even in the most challenging circumstances.

No more stress. No more uncertainty. No more problems getting leads. No more feeling overwhelmed. But you, your plan and accountability. Working hard, stoic on your way to becoming even more successful.

If you want ‘’Instagram famous mastermind coaching’’, with expensive watches, cars and lifestyle, you should leave this page.

I don’t help you to look more expensive. I help you to become more expansive and expensive. No bullshit coaching. Long-lasting foundations for growth in your business and life. Thriving in every area. Connecting to people that thrive in every area.

I look forward to creating the best version of YOU. Fill in my contact form and let’s schedule a vibe check.



Grow With Wouter.