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Hi, my name is Wouter.

I Help You Build a Successful Online Business.

I am not your average business-feel-good coach. I am different. I walked a different path, and I do things generally different in life. And that also reflects in my work.

Coaching with me is not a one way street of structure and business. I focus on long-term growth and sustainability. With my help, we will create lasting structures that help you and your company thrive. And not only your company. Also your personal life.

Together, we will create a personal coaching trajectory for you. No one-fits-all format where you have to fit in. But individually created.

By me. for you.

The Power of Coaching

I deeply believe in the power of coaching. I have seen the changes that coaching can bring to your life and business first-hand.

My work and my life are dedicated to freedom. As a coach, I help you obtain freedom in your mind, your business and your life. Freedom is the outcome. Discipline is the way to reach it. I will be tough on you. I will always go for the unconventional. And when you join me, so will you. Because you want to be different. You want to reach your goals. You are done fucking around and ready for change.

During our time together, we don’t only focus on your business. We focus on your business, your body and your mind. With a no-bullshit approach. Because all are connected.

Breaking old patterns

As a person, I was always driven to freedom. Coming from your average middle-class Dutch family, my freedom was always proposed as:

  1. Study hard
  2. Get a 9 to 5
  3. Get children
  4. Grow old

I followed this path. It didn’t feel right. But I followed it. The result: 3 unfinished studies and a career in sales. Debt with the government and a shit-load of experience in living in student housing and feeling uncomfortable. Or sometimes both combined.

This was definitely not the freedom I resonated with.

That’s why, after a while, I chose to go my own path. Discovering myself along the way. Reinventing myself along the way. And build myself, my mind and my body along the way.

For the past 10 years of my life, I have worked in sales. I started off as a door-to-door salesman. I was literally pitching in front of doors, day in and day out. This is the kind of experience that shapes you and helps you to overcome any fear of talking to people. There is something confronting about standing in front of a door. Not knowing how the person behind the door is going to react when they open. Trying to sell them something they often aren’t waiting for was scary. But it definitely removed my fear of failure and speech.

From here, I was hooked. I was a sales-guy. I sold holiday homes in a holiday park. I sold travel to Japan, after which I ended up in IT sales. My knowledge in IT was a big plus, allowing me to build myself up from there to a high-ticket sales-closer, sitting down with CEO’s and CFO’s of billion-euro companies.

During this time I have also built up multiple markets and countries for these employers. I spoke at conferences. I was a keynote speaker at universities. I coached new employees in the field of sales and communication. I integrated different sales tools and automation to conduct sales with ease.

MY wAy to freedom

While all these experiences were amazing, I always had an itch. I felt there was more to me than working for others. If I did not listen to this feeling, I would have betrayed myself.

I decided to use my skills in another way. In a way that I can still help people and companies grow. But with real value. In my own way.

The ultimate goal of working is freedom. Doing what you like, when you like it. And feeling good while 5 figure months become the new normal.

Freedom, however, isn’t for free. Freedom is hard work. Freedom is waking up at 7 in the morning to start your workout. Freedom is doing what you want, whenever you want to, but consciously choosing to work hard to obtain your goals. Freedom is living wherever you want. Freedom is working from bed because you feel like it. Freedom is having an agenda for the day because you chose to have one. Not because your boss gave you one.

This work, and the lifestyle that comes with it, completely changed my life. And now it is my mission to help entrepreneurs to do the same. Transform their life and transform their business. Becoming an elite entrepreneur and earning more while doing less through smart strategies.

So I started Grow With Wouter.

Join my movement.

This is my freedom.
What is yours? Let’s find out together.


Some facts about me.

I am very grounded and stoic.
I love automation and ‘’lifehacks’’
I drink more than 3 cups of coffee a day.
In 2019, I travelled to 26 countries in one year.
I love investing in crypto but I do it consciously.
I believe in radical honesty. Even if the truth is harsh.
I have over 10 years of experience in high-ticket sales.
While I never grew up with dogs, I fell in love with them.
I love powerlifting and strong lifting. Wherever I live, I lift.
I grew a market with 300%(!!!) in one year and still got fired.
I love music that gives off an intense vibe and is motivating.
Every day I invest at least 2 hours into personal development.
I made a total of over 5 million for companies in the past 10 years.
My health will always be in the first place. My business on the second.
I will always believe 100% in you and your plans. Even if you might not.
I believe in working smarter, not harder. But I still work 12 hours per day.
I am very confident in what I do and how I do it. But that doesn’t mean I am not open for feedback.
I do believe in the future. Not in overthinking the past. You can shape the future in every way you like.
Working for companies where politics were more important than actual performances killed me ‘’silently’’.
One day I will definitely open a coffee bar in a warm country. And a beach club somewhere. I love the beans and buns.

I don’t play by the rules and I don’t believe that strategies alone are the way to your success.

I believe that the portal to your wildest dreams is your mindset, not some strategy (That doesn’t mean we totally overlook strategies. Strategies work, but not if you only focus on them. They are a tool, you are the person handling the tool).

If you are ready for radical truth, commitment and belief, fill in the form down here. Let’s change your life and business long-term.

Stop playing small, start playing big.

Grow With Wouter.

Change your life and business today